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Eyeliner tattooing is eye architecture! Although this procedure may seem simple, the results can be life-changing! Achieving the perfect eyeliner, takes time, effort and endless amounts of frustration! This is where cosmetic tattoos shine and is a great cosmetic solution that replaces the need to apply, fix and reapply your daily eyeliner.

Not only do Cosmetic eyeliner tattoos cut down on the time it takes to get ready, but they are an effective way to enhance define and change the shape of your eyes and overall look. From a natural lash enhancement to make your lash line look darker and fuller to a thick, bold styled eyeliner Signature Cosmetics & Beauty work with you to create the perfect tattoo.

How it Works

A specially designed tattoo machine is used to implant dots of semi-permanent tattoo pigment into the skin on the lash line. Depending on your desired look, a variety of styles and shapes can be used to shape and enhance your eye.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmetic tattoos are only semi permanent and designed to fade out over time. Eyeliner tattoos can last up to 5 years, sometimes longer. Most of our clients need a refresh anywhere from 2-5years, although each skin type will retain pigment differently. You should let at least 50% of your tattoo fade before coming back for a refresh. If your tattoo is not refreshed the colour will slowly fade out over time.

Everyone has a different pain threshold. We recommend using numbing cream for your treatment, we work with a local compound chemist and can help you get this organized to bring in for your treatment. We do our best to keep you as comfortable as possible during your treatment. Your eyes will be closed during the treatment so you can relax and enjoy our massage bed.

Cosmetic tattooing is a multi-treatment process. Your first appointment will take 1-2hrs where we will do an in-depth consultation, talking about design and colour. Once you are happy with the chosen style the actual tattooing process takes about 30-45mins. After this appointment we let your tattoo heal for 6 weeks before coming back for a touch up appointment. This appointment takes 45mins-1hr and we will go through and perfect anything needed with your tattoo. At this appointment you have the option to make any changes or add to your new eyeliner. 

You will go through a noticeable period of healing for approx. 7days. After this time your eyeliner will still be healing but this will not be noticeable to you as it is only the deeper layers of skin still healing. The first couple of days your eyeliner will be at its darkest. You may also notice some redness in the area from any inflammation in your skin and mild swelling. Usually day 3-4 you will notice your eyeliner start to flake, this is the top layer of skin shedding off. Any colour that is sitting in this layer of skin will drop out of your tattoo meaning your eyeliner can fade appropriately 30-50% during this time. It is quite normal after your first session for you to notice some patches in your eyeliner after healing as it depends on your skin and how well it holds the colour. This is why your touch up appointment is important to attend so we can touch up any of these spots and perfect your eyeliner tattoo.

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